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Compensation Management, Simplified

Accelerate pay decisions and motivate your team with Aeqium’s data-driven compensation platform

Why Choose Aeqium

Aeqium is an all-in-one compensation management solution that empowers employees, managers, executives, and the people team to gain visibility and collaborate on data-driven compensation decisions
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Accelerate your hiring with Visual Offer Letters
Design your total compensation strategy
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Seamlessly connect information from across your people data ecosystem
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Automate compensation planning cycles
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Make better decisions by putting all compensation data in one place
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Retain your team by fixing compensation problems before they start
Reduce manual effort and ditch the mess of spreadsheets
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Understand total compensation in one glance
Make sense of market data to make competitive offers

Instantly Visualize Total Compensation

Make better decisions faster with Aeqium's total compensation management platform. Save time and effort, while growing and inspiring your team.

Create Interactive Offer Letters in Seconds

Accelerate your team growth and gather value compensation data with interactive offer letters
Bring your pay philosophy to life with simple and repeatable processes, just like compensation leaders at:

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