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Flexibility & automation to manage every compensation strategy with ease.

Aeqium gives people teams tools to plan, analyze, and update compensation for every employee in a collaborative, data-driven way.

Flexible enough to match your unique comp plans. Easy enough to configure yourself.

Bring your pay philosophy to life with simple and repeatable processes, just like compensation leaders at:

Prepare compensation cycles that match your
exact process in 90% less time.

Two hours on average. That’s the time it takes to integrate your HR stack and set up a cycle.

Skip weeks of error-prone, manual spreadsheet prep and stop wrestling with rigid HRIS tools.

Configure Aeqium any way you need and make changes yourself at any time.

Complete reviews faster, with less frustration

  • In Aeqium, HR teams and managers have all the data and insights they need in one place to make data-driven compensation decisions quickly.

    Offer merit recommendations, collaborate on comp decisions, and document outcomes in smooth workflows. Wrap reviews quickly and get your managers back to growing your business.

    Finish My Cycle Faster

Build & maintain more competitive pay bands

  • Offer the most competitive compensation plans - all within budget.

    Aeqium helps people teams guarantee equitable pay and transparency for every employee.

    Easily review how your bands improve hiring and retention, model proposed changes, and make updates as needed.

    Build My Pay Bands

Advance your team’s understanding of total compensation

  • Aeqium generates automatic insights into your team's total compensation with salary, variable, and equity data available in one place.

    Analyze compensation across departments and roles in a few clicks so you can make better decisions and stay ahead of turnover.

    Generate Compensation Insights

Communicate comp updates in a click

  • No more mail merges. No more PDFs.

    Save time with instantly generated, easy-to-understand total rewards experiences that keep your people engaged and excited about being part of the team.

    Build Interactive Reward Letters

Connect Your HR Systems to Aeqium

  • Aeqium integrates with your existing HR systems in a click to automate merit cycle creation and compensation analysis.

    Empower managers with the details they need to make data-driven rewards decisions. In one place.

Feedback from Happy Comp Leaders...

“Our comp cycle used to take ages to prep, and there were always errors. With Aeqium, we copy a new cycle each time and make a few changes. It's a much simpler process.”
Michelle Sieklucki
Head of People Ops @ Hopper
“Aeqium significantly reduced the risk, lost time, and frustration that came from running our compensation planning. It's been a true game-changer for us at Braze.”
Isabelle Winkles
CFO @ Braze
“Aeqium has been instrumental in advancing our team's understanding of total compensation and has become the center of gravity for all things comp at WHOOP.”
Rob Case
SVP Talent @ WHOOP

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