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Hear from the people teams running faster,  more accurate compensation planning.

People teams around the world use Aeqium to run smooth, collaborative compensation planning. Browse the customer stories on this page to learn how people teams are finding success with Aeqium.
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People teams are transforming compensation planning with Aeqium

Saving Time & Improving Accuracy
Hopper eliminated errors and reduced the time it takes to prepare their compensation reviews by 90%.

“Preparing our compensation cycle used to take ages, and there were almost always data discrepancies. Aeqium gives us a much simpler process and saves our HR and finance departments hours of work.”

Empowering Leadership
Thoropass completely onboarded into Aeqium and completed a comprehensive cycle in just 6 weeks.

“For us, Aeqium was a no-brainer. It costs less than half of what Pave was charging us. It's easier to configure, easier for our managers to use, and our leadership team raves about it."

Empowering Managers & Improving Accuracy
Braze reduced compensation review time by 50% and cut cycle errors by 90% with guided workflows for managers.

“Aeqium has completely changed the way we do comp at Braze. It enables us to take a data-forward approach to comp planning, where managers and leadership feel confident about their recommendations.

Feedback from Happy Comp Leaders...

“Our compensation review cycles used to take ages to prep. With Aeqium, we simply copy a new cycle each time and make a few changes. It's a much simpler process.”
Michelle Sieklucki
Head of People Ops @ Hopper
“Aeqium significantly reduced the risk, lost time, and frustration that came from running our compensation planning. It's been a true game-changer for us at Braze.”
Isabelle Winkles
CFO @ Braze
“Aeqium has been instrumental in advancing our team's understanding of total compensation and has become the center of gravity for all things comp at WHOOP.”
Rob Case
SVP Talent @ WHOOP
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