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Make Consistent Compensation Decisions

Compensation Bands

Create pay bands, track compensation benchmarks, and ensure consistency in your compensation decisions
Compensation Bands

Create and manage bands

Create and customize your compensation bands. Use bands throughout the rest of your compensation planning processes, and control access with secure role-based access controls.

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Compensation Benchmarks

Leverage offer data & benchmarks

Use your live offer data and import compensation benchmarks to inform your bands. Ensure that your pay practices are evolving with the market to retain your team and attract new talent.

Compensation Band History

Audit pay band history

The market is never static, and pay bands need to change with shifting market conditions. Track how your compensation bands have changed over time, and fully audit the history of your employees' pay.

  • Default Raise Percentage
  • Salary
  • Bonus
  • Equity
  • Promotion Designations
  • Top Performer Designation
  • Performance Score

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Launching Pay Transparency

We're excited to announce the release of our new feature, Pay Transparency, which empowers brands to be more transparent about their employees' pay ranges.

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Stripe's New Valuation, and the Private Company Equity Crunch

Stripe just announced a new round of funding priced at $50B – an eye-popping valuation to be sure, but just half of what they had last raised at during their peak. Many private companies’ true valuations are lower than their last rounds – in many cases, much lower. This has significant implications for companies across the tech ecosystem. 

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A Sample Compensation Philosophy for Startups

A compensation philosophy allows you to be transparent with all of your employees about your approach to total rewards. To help you get started, we’ve put together a sample compensation philosophy below. It’s designed for technology startups that pay employees with a mix of base salary, bonuses, and equity. You can use this compensation philosophy as a template for your own, or just use it as a source of inspiration.

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