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Employee Portal

Motivated. High-Performing. Retained.

Clearly communicate how you’re compensating each employee and provide a roadmap for growth.

Accessible to every employee 24/7 with the Aeqium Total Rewards Employee Portal.

Bring your pay philosophy to life with simple and repeatable processes, just like compensation leaders at:

Crystal Clear, Comprehensive
View of Total Rewards

  • Give every employee instant access to detail about their cash, bonuses, equity, benefits, and more. All of their current and historical compensation details in one place.

Transparency, Your Way

  • Foster a culture of transparency and trust with your employees. Customize access levels to share exactly as much information as you need to motivate your employees, including range transparency for total cash, salary, and equity.

    Keep employees informed about where they are and what they can do to level up in your organization.

Help Employees Visualize Company Success

  • Rolling out transparency takes time to get right. Customize access levels to share information as you’re ready, including range transparency for total cash, salary, and equity across teams.

Centralize and Integrate Employee Data

  • Keep employee compensation data accurate and updated with live integrations with your HRIS, Equity Management System, Pay Bands, and Performance Management.

    No more questions about where to access information. No more pulling, cleaning, and uploading CSVs.

Feedback from Happy Comp Leaders...

“Our comp cycle used to take ages to prep, and there were always errors. With Aeqium, we copy a new cycle each time and make a few changes. It's a much simpler process.”
Michelle Sieklucki
Head of People Ops @ Hopper
“Aeqium significantly reduced the risk, lost time, and frustration that came from running our compensation planning. It's been a true game-changer for us at Braze.”
Isabelle Winkles
CFO @ Braze
“Aeqium has been instrumental in advancing our team's understanding of total compensation and has become the center of gravity for all things comp at WHOOP.”
Rob Case
SVP Talent @ WHOOP

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