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Be transparent with your equity grants, and use our built-in equity offer simulator to help candidates understand the value of their equity under different scenarios.

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Decide offers with data, not emotion

Create data-backed offers based on compensation benchmarks or prior offer acceptance rates. Make sure that new hire offers fall within your comp bands to prevent salary compression and maximize fairness.

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Navigating Compensation in a Downturn

Navigating Compensation in a Downturn

In uncertain macroeconomic environments, there are many important decisions that you and your team need to make regarding comp. Here are a few tips for how to navigate compensation and team building in the event that we’re in for an extended downturn.

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How to Prepare for Pay Transparency Laws

How to Prepare for Pay Transparency Laws

With more and more pay transparency laws coming into effect, compensation and people operations teams need to be prepared for what they need to publish and what the impacts will be for candidates and employees alike. To maximize the opportunity that this creates (and minimize the downside), take the steps below to make sure that you’re prepared. 

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How to Create Compensation Bands

How to Create Compensation Bands

Compensation bands are an integral part of a great compensation program. Compensation bands simplify decision-making, prevent salary compression, and ensure pay equity. They’re an important tool as you level up and ensure that your comp plan is effective. If you don't have bands in place yet, here are some tips on how to get started.

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