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Accelerate your recruiting by helping candidates understand the total value of your offers in a simple, visual package.

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Make candidates into owners

Be transparent with your equity grants, and use our built-in equity offer simulator to help candidates understand the value of their equity under different scenarios.

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performance tracking

Decide offers with data, not emotion

Create data-backed offers based on compensation benchmarks or prior offer acceptance rates. Make sure that new hire offers fall within your comp bands to prevent salary compression and maximize fairness.

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What Is Total Compensation?

What Is Total Compensation?

Total compensation or “TC” as it’s colloquially (and somewhat sarcastically) referred to across the tech industry, is a term referring to the sum total of all of the monetary compensation that an employee receives in a given year. In tech company circles, it has become a common term that allows employees at different companies to compare their compensation and determine whether they’re being paid a market rate. 

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Why Is Everyone Paying the Same?

Why Is Everyone Paying the Same?

The world’s three most famous consulting firms, Bain & Company, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), and McKinsey, have recently made a number of compensation market adjustments – their largest in years. What’s going on here? 

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Navigating Compensation in a Downturn

Navigating Compensation in a Downturn

In uncertain macroeconomic environments, there are many important decisions that you and your team need to make regarding comp. Here are a few tips for how to navigate compensation and team building in the event that we’re in for an extended downturn.

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