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Front takes a collaborative, proactive approach to compensation management with Aeqium.

The Company

Front is the modern customer service platform that helps companies delight their customers, engage their teams, and build stronger businesses. Front is trusted by over 8,500 teams to deliver game-changing service that wins and retains customers for life.When they needed to make a change from their previous compensation management tool, they sought a solution that would give their People team greater control over the process and help their managers get more proactive about managing their employees’ compensation.

Front adopted Aeqium’s Compensation Cycle Planning, Compensation Bands, and Compensation Insights tools, fostering a collaborative and proactive compensation management strategy that closely partners managers with HR effectively

“Transparency is one of our company values, and Aeqium helps us embody that value by enabling us to better communicate with employees about compensation. With Aeqium, our managers are more confident in making recommendations for their employees, and our compensation cycles are more streamlined. It's been a huge help for us.”

Kristin Shenenberg, Director, HR & Total Rewards

The Challenge

Front's People team aimed to establish strong processes for managing employee compensation year-round and enhance managers' access to insights on employee pay.

With only one Total Rewards professional managing strategic and operational compensation tasks, Front required a user-friendly tool to streamline processes and enhance communication effortlessly.

Previous solutions at Front failed to meet their needs in several crucial areas...

  • The tools were useful for running compensation cycles but lacked features for day-to-day compensation management.
  • The tools failed to offer managers visibility into individual employee compensation, hindering a proactive management approach.
  • Integrating salary ranges, market data, and performance scores into the compensation planning process was both time-consuming and challenging.

“As the Director of HR and Total Rewards, I oversee all aspects of our compensation strategy. I need a system that helps me streamline compensation processes and provide our managers with clear insights into team compensation. The more I can partner with our managers, the more proactive we can be with retention strategies,” says Kristin Shenenberg, Director, HR & Total Rewards.

Anticipating the upcoming cycle, Front sought a tool that would support cycle management and enhance communication across HR, managers, and employees, and could be onboarded with sufficient time to train managers.

The Solution

Front selected Aeqium after reviewing several options, driven by two major distinguishing factors:

  1. Configurable tools that simplify the preparation and execution of compensation reviews.
  2. Enhanced communication and feedback about compensation throughout the year.

The Front team found that they could easily configure Aeqium to match their process and make adjustments anytime they needed without waiting for support. 

“I love how configurable Aeqium is. It gives me the power to do anything I need to set up our cycle and match our process, and I love that I can make changes myself at any time.”

The team especially valued the onboarding support, particularly the feature allowing user impersonation to guide managers through the process initially.

“Being able to impersonate different users was huge for us in onboarding, training, and troubleshooting – this was one of the most useful pieces of functionality that we were really lacking before.”

The Results

Front has developed a compensation planning approach that transparently communicates changes to all employees, allows for adjustments at any time, and is easily managed by a single total rewards professional.

“Aeqium helps us run streamlined compensation cycles. Our managers are more confident making recommendations for their employees and we’re better at communicating with employees about compensation. It’s been a huge help for us.”

Front has built a strong partnership between HR and managers in managing compensation.

“Aeqium makes our approach to compensation much more collaborative. Managers can see details and insights on each of their employee’s compensation, and they’re taking a much more proactive role in keeping our top talent engaged and onboard.”

“Aeqium has me super excited to tackle our next cycle. The product and support team are so strong, and the features they’re rolling out make it better and better. It’s all been really helpful for us.”

Kristin Shenenberg, Director, HR & Total Rewards

Test drive more manageable, more flexible compensation planning with Aeqium.

Compensation teams trust Aeqium for:

✅ Designing total compensation strategies

✅ Automating the prep work that goes into compensation planning

✅ Making data-driven decisions about employee compensation

✅ Seamlessly connecting information from across your people data ecosystem

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