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Compensation Planning

Compensation Planning with complete flexibility & control

Automatically create highly configurable merit cycles that close faster.
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Compensation cycles

Complete flexibility to configure your cycle

Customize Aeqium to match your unique process without hacky workarounds, annoying implementation fees, or consultant wait times.

Add custom columns and logic, build budgets in any direction, and manage access-controls and approval chains your way.

  • Default Raise Percentage
  • Salary
  • Bonus
  • Equity
  • Promotion Designations
  • Top Performer Designation
  • Performance Score

Collaborate, calibrate, and take action as a team

Compensation decisions shouldn't be made in a vacuum. Take notes on employee performance, manage approvals, and work through challenging decisions as a team.

Approvals and permissions

Remove chaos from your comp cycles

Assign reviewers, track completion status, and ensure that pay changes are compliant with your policies. Skip the spreadsheets and make sure that sensitive compensation info is only visible to team members who should have access.

Compensation planning policies

Keep your compensation planning within policy

Set compensation policies and get an instant summary of your promotions, total headcount expense, and proposed changes at a glance. Ensure that teams stay within budget and comply with your compensation philosophy and policies.

Ready to level up your compensation cycles?

✅ Complete flexibility
✅ Automated cycle builds
✅ Smooth, easy-to-use workflows

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