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Visualize Your Team's Compensation

Total Compensation Management

Benchmark your team's compensation, analyze pay equity insights, and manage comp bands with the click of a button
Total compensation

Track your team's compensation

Understand your team's comp history, and make decisions with data at your fingertips. Make better decisions with context – no need to check old email threads or hunt for spreadsheets.


Take action with Compensation Insights

Flag employees who need a raise or equity refresh, identify pay inequities, and discover issues before they impact retention. Get a full report of compensation issues that need to be resolved, so that you can budget, get board approval, and make needed changes.


Create and manage comp bands

Manage comp bands, track change history, and use them to run comp cycles and ensure pay equity. Grant access to managers without worrying about permissions.

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Integrate the market data that works best for you

Import third-party compensation data sets to calibrate your bands against industry standards

pay Equity

Analyze pay equity

Identify pay equity imbalances on your team in seconds. Break down pay differentials in totality or by role so that you can establish fair and equitable compensation practices.

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What Is Total Compensation?

Total compensation or “TC” as it’s colloquially (and somewhat sarcastically) referred to across the tech industry, is a term referring to the sum total of all of the monetary compensation that an employee receives in a given year. In tech company circles, it has become a common term that allows employees at different companies to compare their compensation and determine whether they’re being paid a market rate. 

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Why Is Everyone Paying the Same?

The world’s three most famous consulting firms, Bain & Company, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), and McKinsey, have recently made a number of compensation market adjustments – their largest in years. What’s going on here? 

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Navigating Compensation in a Downturn

In uncertain macroeconomic environments, there are many important decisions that you and your team need to make regarding comp. Here are a few tips for how to navigate compensation and team building in the event that we’re in for an extended downturn.

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