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Total Compensation Insights & Analysis

Automatically analyze compensation data across the entire organization.

Proactively identify compensation discrepancies  before they become an issue.

Don't let another good employee get away because of compensation surprises.

Bring your pay philosophy to life with simple and repeatable processes, just like compensation leaders at:
compensation History

Track your team's compensation history

Understand your team's compensation history, and make decisions with data at your fingertips. Make better decisions with context – no need to check old email threads or hunt for spreadsheets.


Take Action With Compensation Insights

Flag employees who need raises or equity refreshes, identify pay inequities, and discover issues before they impact retention. Get a full report of compensation issues that need to be resolved to make budgeting and approvals a snap.

Team compensation Management

Find and Visualize Your Team's Compensation

Aeqium gives your team the tools to understand total compensation and save time on comp decisions. Visualize employee pay details in seconds.

pay Equity

Analyze Pay Equity

Identify pay equity imbalances on your team instantly. Break down pay differentials in totality or by role so that you can establish fair and equitable compensation practices.

Analyze employee compensation in seconds.

✅ Automated alerts
✅ Proactive monitoring
✅ Historical compensation context

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