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Compensation Management, Simplified

A better way to understand, decide, and automate how you pay for your most important asset: your people

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Why Choose Aeqium

Aeqium is an all-in-one compensation management solution that empowers employees, managers, executives, and the people team to gain visibility and collaborate on data-driven compensation decisions
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Accelerate your hiring with Visual Offer Letters
Design your total compensation strategy
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Seamlessly connect information from across your people data ecosystem
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Automate compensation planning cycles
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Make better decisions by putting all compensation data in one place
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Retain your team by fixing compensation problems before they start
Reduce manual effort and ditch the mess of spreadsheets
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Understand total compensation in one glance
Make sense of market data to make competitive offers

Streamline Your Compensation Planning

  • Ditch the Mess of Spreadsheets

    Make compensation cycles a snap. Skip the weeks of spreadsheet preparation and automatically collect and validate inputs for your merit and promotion cycles.

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    Make Better Comp Decisions

    Make the right compensation decisions with vesting schedules, salary bands, and market data at your fingertips. Model how comp decisions will impact total compensation and pay equity across the team.

    Deep dive into compensation planning

Understand Total Compensation

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    Design Your Total Compensation Strategy

    Empower employees, managers, executives, and the People team to understand total compensation details. Retain and motivate your employees by designing an effective, modern compensation system.

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    Visualize and Analyze Total Rewards

    Visualize how employee equity value will change over time. Use automated insights to keep pay in-band, ensure pay equity, and fix compensation problems before they start.

    Learn more about total compensation

Accelerate Hiring

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    Hire Faster With Visual Offer Letters

    Showcase the full value of your equity and total rewards with a compelling offer letter experience. Empower your team to focus on closing candidates, instead of explaining offer details.

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    Capture Actionable Offer Data

    Automatically capture data about how compensation affects offer success. Make decisions based on the market data that is most relevant to your roles.

    Tour dynamic offer letters

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