The State of Compensation Review Management 2024

A Targeted 60-Company Survey on Compensation Review Cycle Processes


What's in the report?

Key Findings:

  • Compensation cycles are causing significant friction between people teams and their managers
  • Managers are losing a significant amount of time to compensation reviews
  • The majority of people teams struggle to coach managers through the process

What's slipping through the cracks?

Teams need a better way to distribute compensation data and collaborate on decisions about increases.

The average people team rated the efficiency of their compensation review process as a 5.87/10.


Who we surveyed

We spoke to HR leaders and non-HR managers from 60 organizations

All from organizations ranging 500-10,000 employees with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada

Industries include software, financial services, retail & eCommerce, telecommunications, consumer goods, and biotechnology.

Access the full data set

Discover how other people teams run their compensation reviews and what 60 companies rated as the top areas for improvement.