Strategies and best practices for compensating your team

What Is Total Compensation?

Total compensation or “TC” as it’s colloquially (and somewhat sarcastically) referred to across the tech industry, is a term referring to the sum total of all of the monetary compensation that an employee receives in a given year. In tech company circles, it has become a common term that allows employees at different companies to compare their compensation and determine whether they’re being paid a market rate. 

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How to Create Compensation Bands

Compensation bands are an integral part of a great compensation program. Compensation bands simplify decision-making, prevent salary compression, and ensure pay equity. They’re an important tool as you level up and ensure that your comp plan is effective. If you don't have bands in place yet, here are some tips on how to get started.

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What’s in a compensation survey? Making the most of all your compensation data

It's easy to establish pay ranges directly from compensation survey data, but that is not a good approach. It's important to make decisions based on all your data, including current employee and offer numbers.

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How to Run an Urgent Market Adjustment

Falling behind in compensation in today’s market can mean disaster: missed hiring targets and regrettable attrition. To avoid these issues, many companies are considering proactive raises for some or all of their teams in order to match or exceed market compensation. Here are a few points to keep in mind on emergency market adjustment raises and how to run them:

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Common Compensation Mistakes To Avoid

It’s hard to make people happy with their compensation, but it’s very easy to make them unhappy. Avoid these common compensation mistakes to retain a happy team.

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What Are Comp Bands, and Why Do You Need Them?

As a company matures, it’s important to structure your compensation into bands. Learn how to get started with this post.

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