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Pay Transparency

Build trust and engagement through pay transparency

Comply with legal requirements, foster open dialogue, and strengthen your employer brand with pay transparency tools.

Take complete control of your compensation planning like the people teams at:

Communicate Total Compensation with Context

  • Employees want to understand how every piece of their compensation relative to company bands.

    Aeqium’s Pay Transparency tools are embedded directly into each employee’s total rewards portal to visualize how they’re compensated across salary, variable, and even equity.

Guide Every Employee Towards Growth

  • When employees understand how compensation is determined, conversations about growth get more productive. 

    Embed resources that explain expectations around performance at the current level and lay out a path for growth to the next level. Keep conversations focused on improving skillsets and growing with the company instead of explaining the finer points of pay structures.

Transparency, at Your Pace

  • Rolling out transparency takes time to get right.

    Customize access levels to share information as you’re ready, including range transparency for total cash, salary, and equity across teams.

Feedback from Happy Comp Leaders...

“Our compensation review cycles used to take ages to prep. With Aeqium, we simply copy a new cycle each time and make a few changes. It's a much simpler process.”
Michelle Sieklucki
Head of People Ops @ Hopper
“Aeqium significantly reduced the risk, lost time, and frustration that came from running our compensation planning. It's been a true game-changer for us at Braze.”
Isabelle Winkles
CFO @ Braze
“Aeqium has been instrumental in advancing our team's understanding of total compensation and has become the center of gravity for all things comp at WHOOP.”
Rob Case
SVP Talent @ WHOOP
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Ready to roll out pay transparency?

✅ Complete flexibility
✅ Automated cycle builds
✅ Smooth, easy-to-use workflows